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AT Bedside Table Wireless Charging Multifunction Audio Drawer Cabinet

RM 489.00
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Solid Wood Warranty 5 Year 30kg 50*40*47cm

Introduce a smart bedside table, allowing you to start a smart life.
This bedside table can be smart wireless charging + fingerprint unlocking + three-color LED sensor light + USB interface + Bluetooth smart audio
This bedside table is already assembled, the buyer only needs to install the table legs and it is ready to use after receiving the goods
Color: white, orange, gray
The surface of the bedside table is tempered glass, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and high-temperature resistant.
Product size: 50X40X47CM
1. Smart wireless charging
2. The bedside table has multiple USB charging ports, which can reduce the trouble of nowhere to charge
3. Smart touch sensor light, cool when you touch, long press to switch between three different colors
4.Bluetooth smart audio, lossless high sound quality
Wireless phone charging is only available for new phones with unlimited charging. Old mobile phones need to add a wireless foot force card to use.

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